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Fort Bragg, California


What type of military fort lets civilians sunbathe on its beaches?


Photo courtesy of  Feather's Fotos

Photo courtesy of Feather's Fotos

fort bragg, ca

Fort Bragg has beaches, and the public is allowed to sunbathe, surf, and find metal detector treasures along its speckled shores.

Why? Because Fort Bragg is not a military fort. It hasn't even been affiliated with the military in 150 years.  

Fort Bragg is a small town (2.7 square miles) along California's Northern coast. It has beautiful flowers and views of the ocean, like the rest of the Northern Coast, but it also has a beach made from the glass of a trash dump, a Pudding Creek with no pudding, great land for mushroom foraging, a world championship abalone festival, and a tattoo museum.


This strange town has been home to several UFO sightings, as well as the setting for 1980 sci-fi horror movie, Humanoids from the Deep. Fort Bragg even takes conspiracy theorists themselves a step weirder than most towns. Larry Spring, resident and science hobbyist, rejected Einstein's theory of relativity (E=mc^2) and created his own. He called it the "common sense laws of physics". It has something to do with magnets.

Fort Bragg is stranger than the rest of California's Northern coast.

Town misconceptions

"I imagine a place where military dudes get hammered at local bars."

"I think it's a historical city."

"I assume it's a military base, right?"

People assume Fort Bragg does not have anything unique or worth seeing.


Create curiosity in the town out of people's misconceptions. 

target user journey

Fort Bragg sits at the top end of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) 1, one of California's most traveled highways. It is 5 hours north of San Francisco, and only 3 hours northwest of Napa Valley. Tourists and vacationers often drive up PCH 1, starting at San Francisco, to see the conventionally beautiful coastline of Northern California. But after 5 hours of the same beautiful sights, they might want to see something unconventionally beautiful, something a little strange.

tourism insight

It is the unusual, unexpected things from our vacations that leave the deepest memories. 


California's surreal coast. 



Concept: Fort Bragg is too eerie for tourists. 


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