Supposedly everyone has doppelgänger.

I've been told I look "just like" Al Pacino or Frankie Valli. My personal favorite is Rod Serling, although I don't see it.

Did I have a long lost great uncle? 

My findings are posted below. 


No, unfortunately I am not related to any of these men.

But I did learn a few things:

1. Unlike 2/3rds of my dopplegangers, I am not at all Italian. Although, iPhoto's facial recognition has once mistaken me for one of my peers... who is Italian.

2. Young Al Pacino and Frankie Valli look very much alike. Proving my dopplegangers to be precise, albeit inaccurate.

3. My lookalikes are all under 5' 7". I was most excited to learn Mr. Serling was also 5' 4".

Who do you think I look like?

A.  Al Pacino

A. Al Pacino

B.  Frankie Valli

B. Frankie Valli

C.  Rod Serling

C. Rod Serling