ENERGYbits is a health supplement company that pitched for investment on ABC's Shark Tank. It failed, miserably.

So we changed their consumers from humans to cows. 


ENERGYbits is a health supplement brand that sells algae tablets. They position the algae tablets as a super supplement. It has high protein content and supposedly provides energy and supports your immune system. But these benefits are inherently subjective, and come at a personal and financial price. 


ENERGYbits describes the tablet's taste as "green", which is a nice way of saying "terrible". We're taught that swallowing more than 2 tablets or pills of anything is dangerous, so swallowing 30 tablets feels like a very serious commitment. They are also expensive, considering the competition. Protein bars cost about $1 less on average, and taste like chocolate chip cookies.

ENERGYbits cannot compete in the human health supplement market. 

But animals are the original consumers of algae. Are there any benefits for them? 

algae insight

Algae has been proven to reduce livestock methane output by 70%.

methane is a real problem

Pound for pound, methane is 30 times more harmful to our atmosphere than CO2. For perspective, a recent study by the Carnegie Department of Global Ecology found that eating one pound of beef causes more greenhouse warming than burning a gallon of gasoline. 

And cows produce a lot of methane. According to National Geographic, 65% of global methane emissions come from cows.

Legislation is just beginning to tackle this methane problem. In September 2016, California enacted a law that requires dairy farmers to reduce their livestock's methane output by 40% by 2030. Other states are likely to follow California's lead. 

Livestock methane emissions are becoming an increasingly urgent problem. 


Small-midsize dairy farms (avg. 187 cows per farm) in California. This is America's top milk producing state. They have the most dairy cows and dairy farms.

Farmers face a lot of stress. They pay mortgages on their land, loans on their ever-depreciating equipment, and face uncertain market prices.

A farmer's biggest fear is losing the farm, which is unfortunately becoming a reality for more and more farmers.

Farmers have enough stress. The last thing they want to worry about is their cow's farts.


Repurpose EnergyBits to help farmers meet methane emission regulations.


Support the future of farming. 

Why this will work

Many alternatives for reducing methane emissions are ridiculous. Most methods, like the one pictured to the right, are expensive (up to $2,000 per head of cattle), and impractical. She looks like she could float away any minute.

ENERGYbits will become the first to market a feed supplement that reduces methane. They will also save costs and time by cutting out pelletization from their production. 

The planet will obviously benefit, but so will the state of California. Dairy farming creates about $7.5 billion in annual revenue for the state, and there isn't much holding dairy farmers back from moving to states that do not have methane regulations. 



We rebranded ENERGYbits as Sea Feed. We created Sea Cow as one product line under the Sea Feed brand in order to eventually expand into feed supplements for other livestock.




Concept: Methane production is rude. Sea Feed makes cows less rude. 


out of home

Bovine etiquette book 

We made a book to help farmers refine their bovine.

I enjoyed working on this project with:

Lindsay Wade CBM

Maddy Baldwin Copywriter

Tim Shumar Copywriter

Sam Jolley Art Director

Steph Langan Art Director

Grace Higginbotham Experience Designer