Yes. These are real people who race real lawn mowers, on real race tracks.

The mowers hit 40+ mph on the straight-aways. The mowers do not have blades, making the race safe(r) for both racers and spectators. The US Lawn Mower Racing Association organizes and sanctions an annual 21-race series, spanning over 40 states and 60 local chapters. This annual series culminates in a national championship, a 2-day event captured in this documentary. I got to know many lawn mower racing celebrities, including "Mr. Mow-it-all". The USLMRA has one title sponsor, but the sport itself relies mostly on voluntary support from the racers. The racers depend on each other to keep racing. 


Gold Eagle Letter


I had not met any of the racers or volunteers before this race, yet they welcomed me with open arms.

I'm very grateful to everyone I met and spoke with in the process of making this documentary. 

The members of the USLMRA shared this documentary throughout the lawn mower racing community, it was even shared with the USLMRA's title sponsor, Gold Eagle Company.

This is a letter I received from the chairman of their title sponsor.